Aurant Lighting module

Obtain maximum savings through a comprehensive control over lighting.

Aurant Lighting module

Anywhere, you will be able to check the network status and control every light point

The lighting module is a web platform to monitor and manage public and private lighting networks remotely. An intelligent management of the lighting can help reduce unnecessary expenses by adapting to the specific requirements of each situation.

Remote management is specially useful to make the most of public lighting networks and be integrated into Smart City projects.

What does it offer?

Energy and money savings

It reduces the unnecessary use, while maximizing the luminaire performance

Satisfied citizens

It ensures safety and comfort by adapting lighting to real needs

Maintenance savings

It minimizes incidents by means of a full monitoring of the network, while managing different luminaires at a low cost

Limitless scalability

Thanks to a full in-house development, your network can be easily expanded according to the circumstances

High compatibility

You can keep the existing installation because it is compatible with applications and luminaires of any brand

Greater sustainability

It fosters proper and responsible lighting, while operating in an intelligent way

What remote-management modes are available?

Discover the option that best suits you or combine them all to benefit from all their advantages

Electrical switchboard

Lighting-lines control

Point to point

Control of each luminaire

Information about each luminaire -
On/off control of each light point -
Group management
Operation by lines
ON/OFF control by lines
Regulation of light levels by luminaire -
Status dashboard
Consumption information
User authentication
Ongoing monitoring
Incident management
Alarm history
Integration into other platforms
Compatible with any brand
OTA (Over The Air) updates
Integration with sensors

What do I need?

Easily implement your Smart City

How can I get my remote-management solution?

Trust us with infrastructure and service

With our Full Remote-management service (IaaS + SaaS + Support + Connectivity), we will take care of everything: infrastructure (cloud, data storage, security...) and service (advice, technical support and updates)

And if you need more …

We can give you fully-adapted quotations,

from small to major projects.


Full Service

  • IaaS
  • SaaS
  • Support
  • Connectivity
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Other advantages

  • Extra functionalities
  • Remote-management modes
  • Compatibility
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